Sixth Sense Technology

Sixth sense is a working prototype of a multi functional, wearable, gestural interface device that has the potential to free the world from all limitations of the paper or screen, by turning any flat surface into a touch-screen display.


6th sense WUW (Wear UR World) gadget has been devised by Pranav Mistry, a P.hD. Scholar in the Fluid Interfaces Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab.


  • Portable Mini-projector
  • Camera
  • Mobile computing device
  • Marker caps for fingers


The Camera and Projector are contained in a wearable form such as a pendant, and are further connected to the mobile computing device, that may be present in the user's pocket.

The camera recognizes changes in the surroundings and tracks hand gestures along with gathering 'meta information', to then articulate it with the digital domain.

The projector produces all images containing the information on any surface, turning it into a touch screen, eliminating the use of paper or screen.

The mobile-computing device is connected to the Cloud carrying all information through the web. The colorful marker caps worn on the fingers help the camera in detecting hand gestures. The fingers can also be painted colorfully to add a stylish touch to it.

The software program present in the mobile computing device processes the video stream data captured by the camera and tracks the tip of the user's fingers with the help of the colored markers.


Although WUW is still being developed and worked upon, its worth has been estimated at 350$.

This price falls in the range in which many smart phones and computers are available today, hence making it relatively affordable.

The software used in the WUW is already available as open source, enabling anyone to build their own sixth sense device.


  • Eliminating the use of a mouse, drawing is made easier and more fun with the use of fingers.
  • A square frame made out of hands in the open air can replace the bulky camera, by highlighting the object that has to be captured into a photo.Also, a few movements made by fingers can perform the modern functions of editing and resizing the photo captured, along with e-mailing it to people.

  • A phone call can be made, without using any mobile hardware. This technology enables the projection of a phone keypad on the user's hand, which can then be typed and the phone call made.

  • It reads aloud a book for its user, and also helps him find out the ratings and other aspects of a book that the user may wish to find out, with the help of information on the web.

  • It provides a video enabled newspaper experience to its users, through searching the web for the most appropriate video, related to the desired newspaper report or headline.

  • It helps in checking the status and other details of the flight from the web, while off-board, through the simple action of placing the ticket in front of the projector.

  • Through drawing a circle on his wrist, the device projects a digital clock face to its user.

  • It can help a consumer in buying better, by providing him with immediate information about various products and services, leading to easy price comparisons and other details.


Sixth sense is a futuristic technology that connects the digital world with the physical world, eliminating hardware devices altogether.

This technology, a decade ago, was only perceived in the fictional world. Its applications today can be closely matched with Tom Cruise's sci-fi movie 'Minority report' released in the year 2002 that shows Cruise drawing information from a glove-controlled interactive wall.

Also similarities can be made to the very popular 'Harry Potter' series , that show newspaper reports coming alive, similar to the video-streamed newspaper reading experience promised by the 6th sense technology.

This technology has turned into reality a concept that could only be visualized in the fictional and imaginative world. WUW is a device that contains Microsoft Surface along with Google in a Portable Package.

Pranav Mistry says "Sixth Sense frees information from its confines by seamlessly integrating it with reality, and thus making the entire world your computer."

It would improve standards of living of the common man, and would help him in making decisions that are economic and efficient, providing him an ultra-modern lifestyle.

Once fully developed, it would revolutionize the world by empowering every individual with the ultimate source of information through seamless connectivity to the web.

Last Updated on 6/28/2011